14-15 Mar 2019 Kassel (Germany)

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Greenhouse Tour*

When: March 15th after the conference

Guided tour: The old campus of the Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences in Witzenhausen

Time: ca. 1,5 h (30 min campus, 30 min introduction to the faculty, 30 min tropical greenhouse)

Background: Witzenhausen has long been the primary educational centre for students to be trained in agriculture of and for tropical and subtropical regions, mostly former ex-Germany colonies. Until today, tropical and subtropical research plays a role at the faculty and is even an important part for internationalisation at the University of Kassel. Witzenhausen is therefore an historically important and controversial location of German history.

Goal: A short tour over the campus will not only show the main buildings and give some historical background between the time of foundation in 1898 and today but also before when the monastery served as place for religious life. Thereafter, we will go to the seminar room of the Tropical Greenhouse and will learn about the organisational divide of the faculty and the greenhouses´ tasks and management.


*This tour is still available to be booked.

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